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About WhyGrind and our RuneScape Gold and OldSchool RS Gold Trading Experience

WhyGrind began as a one man gig selling RuneScape gold in late 2015 to generate some spare money to help cover bills and extra expenses life throws at you. After months of earning reputation and learning the tricks of the trade and keeping an honest profession, Skype sales became too hectic and with good reason.. It was simple.. We were becoming one of the leading competitors in the RuneScape Gold and Oldschool RuneScape Gold market. In February 2016, we decided it was time to open our first website where buyers could come on and talk to a live representative at just about every hour of the day and place an order for RuneScape Gold or OldSchool RuneScape Gold and get it within minutes! Upon opening our website it allowed us to fill 3-4x the orders than I had usually got, as before I was single handedly filling orders during the day and when I had free time to be on Skype and forums to help deliver affordable RuneScape Gold and OldSchool RuneScape Gold. As of mid to late 2016 we have now successfully delivered just fewer than 20,000 orders and have created jobs for over 7 employees and it’s all because of our loyal customers, we really and truly couldn’t have done this without you. Since WhyGrind has opened it has allowed me and my company to grow and achieve a very high level of trust and customer service when dealing with any of my agents on site. We deal with thousands of dollars and billions of Gold in both RuneScape 3 and OldSchool RuneScape daily. WhyGrind currently has the mindset of; No PayPal checkout fees, no hassle ordering, and beating every single website on the spot!

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We challenge you to join our long list of buyers and sellers and find out why WhyGrind is dominating the RuneScape Gold and OldSchool RuneScape Gold Business.

Our main focus is to Server our customers with the most affordable RSGP and superior customer support to buy RuneScape Gold and Oldschool RuneScape Gold. In our 20,000 orders we have delivered it has put us to nearly $350,000.00 in sales for the current year of 2016. These sales come from RS3 Gold, old school rs gold and CS:GO Keys and Skins. We promise to stand by our word of being the cheapest gold site out delivering, 2007 gold/ oldschool gold, RuneScape 3 or EOC gold that if you find a cheaper website offering the same product we will beat it on the spot.

How do we trade Runescape 2007 gold and Runescape 3 gold

We trade our Oldschool RuneScape gold and EOC/RS3 gold directly to you. We currently offer a few different locations that change weekly or as we see fit to help ensure our customers safety, after all our main focus is customer safety and satisfaction.

Cheapest Runescape 2007 Gold and Runescape 3 Gold

What's your knowledge of Runescape?

The owner and staff here at WhyGrind are all active players of RuneScape and understand the rules and trade concepts quite well. This has helped us deliver thousands of gold orders with not a single selling or buying ban, to date. So you can feel extremely safe when trading with us, we currently try not to buy gold amounts under 200M RS3 or 50M 07 as lower amounts of gold are usually from botted RuneScape gold accounts and this wouldn’t be up to our safety standards when trading. We currently have the best selling price and buying price for RuneScape Gold and OldSchool RuneScape Gold. Order your RuneScape Gold or OldSchool RuneScape Gold EASILY! We accept PayPal, Bitcoin, Visa credit or debit cards, MasterCard credit or debit cards, American Express credit or debit cards, Western Union and United states bank transfer when purchasing 2007 RuneScape gold or EOC gold. However, PayPal is our commonly chosen checkout option and it’s obvious as to why, it’s simple and easy to use. Just a few clicks and your gold is ordered and paid for, after doing this contact live chat to find out how to receive your gold after the order has been paid for or even before if you have any questions, we’re online just about 24/7 :)

note: if for some reason we’re not online when you order your order will be refunded the next time a manager is on. We are normally not offline more than 8 hours at a time. Looking to order Bulk amounts of RuneScape Gold? Our most commonly bought RuneScape gold server is 2007 RuneScape Gold!

Bulk purchases can be made with Western Union or BITCOIN (scary word? Never used it before? Think it’s a pain? Ask live chat to show you how to get it and understand it within MINUTES) We currently do not accept Western Union for orders less than 400M, please note we can show you how to get Bitcoin for a discounted rate and with 0 fees when purchasing from us.

How we process orders

After receiving your payment agents will quickly review and verify any information they need for that order and collect any information they don’t have on hand to help process the payment. After processing the payment and verifying the order, we will meet up with you in less than 5 minutes. We have multiple accounts in each server ready to deliver your currency so you can get back to the game!

The reputation we have earned from our months of hard work and dedication to making WhyGrind one of the top RuneScape Gold sites out on the market should leave your mind feeling at ease.

The RuneScape business is filled with shady people and scammers, here at WhyGrind we eliminate that fear as we’ve done thousands of orders and have thousands of vouches and reviews on multiple forum sites such as and Tribot, Powerbot, Elitepvpers etc.

We do not mislead our customers, the price you see on our website for RS3 gold and 2007 gold are the cheapest prices you will find on the market, if you find a website cheaper let us know so we can fix it!

If our price is $1.25 per million gold, you will be charged just that, we don’t have any fake checkout fees and “PayPal fees”

If you need help ordering your RuneScape 3, EOC RuneScape gold, RuneScape 07 gold or better known as osrs gp, do not hesitate to contact my friendly live chat support.

We have never had a customer be banned for selling or buying rsgp from us, and we don’t intend to ever let it happen. It is highly unlikely that it will happen, but it can happen.


Will I get banned when I buy gold?

Over the years we have sold, not once have we encountered a ban. Never has a customer complained about receiving any type of warning from Jagex.

If I use Paypal, credit or debit card will I need to provide my ID?

We may ask for your ID to help verify your identity when making a purchase here on our website, this is to not only protect the customer (you) but to also protect ourselves.

How quickly will I receive my gold after checkout?

Once we have verified the order and got any required documents from you we will be in game ready to deliver within minutes, If for some reason we can't deliver INSTANTLY we'll tell you!