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How to make a purchase via PayPal

    Purchasing oldschool runescape gold or runescape gold via PayPal is simple. In order to make your oldschool runescape or runescape gold purchase you will need a paypal account (in your own name), If you are using a parent's paypal we will need proof you are allowed to make the purchase.

    If you don't have a PayPal in your own name but you have a bank card such as, a debit or credit card that works too! You would simply select the amount of oldschool gp or runescape gp you wish to purchase, select PayPal and checkout with it!

    After making your purchase you will be brought back to the website and will be given an order #, if for some reason you don't see this order number please click "manage account" at the top right of the website and scroll down the bottom and you will see your order number. Once you have retrieved this, please contact live chat with the order number and email used to make the transaction.

    In some instances we may require additional verification to prove to us you are the card holder/PayPal account holder and are knowingly making this transaction. If you have any other questions, please feel free to talk to live chat.

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