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How to purchase via Western Union

In order to purchase oldschool runescape gold or Runescape3 gold the order must be over 400M 07 or 2,500M RS3. If your purchase is for this amount of greater please contact live chat with your information for the transfer.

Please note Western Union fees are usually very large sending fees, for this we can cut slight discounts or we will direct you on how to purchase large amounts of bitcoin from locals in your area so we can fill your runescape gold purchase!

Tip: if you bank with a military bank, such as NavyFed or others supported by the military offer to directly send these funds to Western Union for a much smaller fee, and sometimes even free.

If you aren't willing to accept our discounted rate or pay the fees, you can always use to purchase large amounts of bitcoin, please contact live chat before purchasing so we can tell you the amount of bitcoin we will need to fill your runescape gold order!

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