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Privacy Policy

We here at reserve the right to keep any documents/data transmitted to us for a purchase or a sale.
These documents include and are not limited to:

  1. Your IP address at any point you communicate with us is logged and stored in our database.
  2. Your Identification card, whether it be government/state/college ID, it will be stored and used if fraud is committed towards our company.
  3. If fraud is comitted against our company you will be reported to the FBI, and, as well as any agencies you may be involved with if it means helping recover our money.
  4. Additional information we keep record of us is: Your place of residency, bank statements, as well as pictures of you and your information and your phone number provided at the time of sale.
  5. Whygrind has no affiliation with Jagex LTD or any other 3rd party sites which we may repost guides or blogs from, We reupload blogs/guides for entertainment purposes Only, no monetization is being done.
  6. We are not responsible for any bans, mutes or rollbacks that may happen before or after doing business with us.
  7. We do not offer refunds unless we choose to do so at our own discretion, meaning: If you pay us for an item(s) we aren't obligated to refund the payment, only to deliver the item in a timely mannner.

Any complaints can be taken up with the owner directly on Skype. The skype is Live:iHateQuesting make sure you read the actual profile name by right clicking the profile and viewing it yourself the display name means nothing. Watch out for impostors!

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